Welcome to the Cardiology Department at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH)

MASH is proud to offer cardiology services Tuesdays-Fridays. MASH offers cardiology as one of its specialty services headed by Dr. Courtney Smith. Our hospital is ready to take on any small animal cardiology cases. We are dedicated and trained specialists ready to handle several services for your pets.


What is a Veterinary Cardiologist?

Veterinary cardiologists are veterinarians who focus solely on diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart or lungs and respiratory system. A veterinary cardiologist is responsible for providing diagnosis and therapeutic options for medical conditions of the heart. This includes arrhythmias, heart murmurs, hypertension, heart failure, and congenital heart diseases. A veterinary cardiologist uses advanced ultrasound to diagnose heart problems in pets.


Why Do You Need a Pet cardiologist?

A veterinary cardiologist should be sought when a pet is referred by a primary care veterinarian due to findings on their examination that show heart disease. Your pet may have developed a cough, have trouble breathing, show weakness or exercise intolerance, or possibly faint. These can all be signs of heart disease and a reason to visit a veterinary cardiologist.