Welcome to the Dermatology Service at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH)

We are dedicated and trained specialists ready to handle several services for your pets. Not all veterinary offices have dermatologists on staff, which is why MASH stands out in terms of veterinary care.

What is a Veterinary Dermatologist?

In Veterinary Dermatology, specialists treat pets for skin and ear diseases. Just as people can get a skin rash or an ear infection, our pets can too! However, since dogs rely on their owners for their care, it is ultimately up to you to identify that something is wrong and that they need to see one of our specialists. Treatment is relatively simple and only requires a few short tests to identify a problem. After performing a few tests, such as an allergy test, a veterinary dermatologist will be able to confirm if this is the result of an allergy your pet is having, and specifically, what your pet is reacting to. Also, tests will be able to notify you and your vet if there is an underlying infection or any rare skin or ear conditions. This will determine the length of the treatment and the seriousness of the issue.

Why Do You Need a Pet Dermatology Specialist?

Just as your primary doctor may not have all the answers to your dermatology questions, your family vet may not either. Dermatology specialists can be helpful when your pet’s skin condition or ear infection is a bit more serious. There are many different types of infections and diseases that your pet can contract at any point in their life. Veterinary dermatologists are trained professionals with a greater understanding of your pet’s infection.

Your pooch will not understand their discomfort, which means they may itch, lick, or nibble the infected area until they cannot anymore. If your pet is not treated appropriately, scratching or biting at the infection or irritation could break their skin and create a secondary infection, creating more issues that will need to be treated.