Welcome to the Nutrition Service at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH). We are dedicated and trained specialists in providing nutritional services. We strive to provide exceptional service and individualized care for your pet.

Our Nutrition service include:

Diet evaluation (commercial or home-prepared)
Home-prepared diet development
Customized weight loss plan
Nutrition counseling and education (health or disease management) for conditions such as:
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Food-Responsive Skin Disease
  • Food-Responsive Intestinal Diseases
  • Urinary Stone Prevention
  • Obesity Management (prevention and treatment)
  • Cancer
Critical care nutrition
  • Parenteral and Enteral Diet Formulation
Assisted feeding tube plans
Dietary supplement guidelines and recommendations

If your pet needs any of the above surgical services from our specialized vets, please call us for a consultation at: 855–350–PETS (7387)