Welcome to the Ophthalmology Services at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH)

MASH is proud to offer ophthalmology as one of its specialty services headed by Dr. Lanuza. Dr. Lanuza and his staff are dedicated to your pet’s eye health. We strive to provide exceptional service and individualized care for your pet.

What is a Veterinary Ophthalmologist?

Veterinary ophthalmologists are veterinarians with advanced training in ocular medicine responsible for providing diagnosis and therapeutic options for medical or surgical conditions of the eyes in animals. This includes inherited eye diseases, eye cancers, and gene abnormalities of the eye that can lead to blindness. They are in charge of a pet’s vision care and surgical procedures performed on the eye.

Why Do You Need a Pet Ophthalmologist?

A veterinary ophthalmologist should be sought when a pet needs eye surgery, has sustained a significant eye injury, or your pet is losing its vision or becomes blind abruptly. An ophthalmologist will also be recommended when your pet’s eye issue isn’t getting better or if it is getting worse despite therapy that was previously prescribed. An ophthalmologist will also work with your family veterinarian to treat chronic conditions that some pets are more prone to like glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, and predisposed inherited eye diseases.