MASH Outpatient

MASH Outpatient is an extension of the Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital and is in direct communication with our emergency facility should emergent cases present themselves. We have expanded to be able to serve our patients and to provide those respective departments with plenty of space and new equipment to practice the highest quality of specialty veterinary medicine. Our hospital not only comes with new equipment, but also new surgery suites, exam rooms, and a newly remodeled front lobby.

We are open seven days a week. Our outpatient hospital offers specialty services in oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and nutrition. We also offer dentistry services, specifically focused on craniomaxiollofacial trauma. Each department is furnished with brand-new instruments and medical equipment, such as a brand-new ophthalmic operating microscope, CO2 laser, and brand-new surgery suites, to be used by out specialists for whatever case might walk through the door. MASH Outpatient is unique in that we have our very own Craniomaxiollofacial Trauma Center. MASH has established the CTC to manager secondary and tertiary referrals in this space.

Our hopsital is committed to providing the best specialty veterinary medicine in the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas.