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Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital

All Too Common Necessary Animal Surgeries

A small white dog being helped by veterinary staff


A TPLO is a common surgery used to fix a torn ACL in a dog’s leg. TPLO stands for tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy, and allows an animal to have the torn pieces of the anterior cruciate ligament removed, while still restoring functionality to the leg. Because a dog’s knee is at a different angle than a human’s, they can live without an ACL, and still function exceptionally well. This surgery removes the torn ACL, cuts the tibial head off, and then reattaches the tibial head at a new angle. A dog can go from not being able to use the leg at all to having nearly 100 percent function back because of a successful TPLO surgery.

Abdominal Surgery

We all love our pets, but we definitely don’t like them when they decide to start eating things they shouldn’t. Unfortunately this happens far more often than most people would like. From rocks and pennies to puppy pain medication, these items can easily cause a visit to the emergency vet and even call for abdominal surgery to remove an obstruction from the digestive tract. The sooner an animal is treated, the better, and here at Metropolitain Animal Specialty Hospital, we have the right tools to do what is best for your pet in an emergency situation.

Joint Reconstruction

No one ever wants to imagine their pet getting hit by a car, but with over six million dogs and cats getting killed from being hit by a car each year in the United States, the odds are not in Fido or Fluffy’s favor. If your pet is hit by a car and needs emergency attention, get your pet to the emergency vet promptly. In addition, they may need joint reconstruction surgery from broken bones due to the trauma. Other reasons for joint reconstruction might include birth defects and cancer.

Surgical Oncology

Just like cancer and tumors in humans, pets often need to have surgery in order to be properly treated for different types of cancer. This can include tumor removal from soft tissue or limb amputation for different types of bone cancer.Here at Metropolitain Animal Specialty Hospital in Los Angeles, we have the skill, knowledge, and top-of-the-line facility in order to best treat your animal companion. When you need surgical services for your pet, reach out to the specialists and call us here at MASH!