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When it comes to the health of our beloved pets, we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to ensure their health and well-being. This is why Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) created a list of four questions everyone should ask their veterinarian. Whether you are new to veterinary care or have been taking your pet to the vet for years, these questions will help you better understand your pet's healthcare and ensure that you are making the best decisions for them. Read on to learn more, and connect with your veterinarian in Los Angeles today!

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Dogs are such loyal companions that it's hard to imagine our lives without them. As pet owners, we want to do whatever we can to ensure their health and well-being. That being said, it's important to be aware of the signs that may indicate your furry friend needs medical attention. Today, we'll focus on dogs and the telltale signs that they need an MRI. Keep reading to learn more, and if you think your dog may need an MRI, contact our veterinarian in Los Angeles today. Our team at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital is here for you and your pet 24-hours a day.


All animals are delicate creatures, but when it comes to your dog’s food you need to treat their diet cautiously. We know everyone may give their pup a treat from the table now and then, but are you paying attention to what’s in the food you’re feeding your pup? There are many harmful dog foods and substances that can be very toxic to your animal.

Want to know if you’re treating your animal’s food supply correctly? Read more below!

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Have you noticed that your pet always seems itchy or irritated? It is normal for dogs and cats to scratch themselves, to some extent. However, what many people don’t realize is that pets can experience allergies just like humans do. If your pet seems excessively itchy, it may be time to test your pet for allergies.

Luckily, Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital in Los Angeles offers specialty veterinary dermatology services to meet your pet’s specific needs.


Possibly one of the scariest moments in your life is when your dog or cat is hit by a car. Whether you see it or not, it’s imperative that you get your pet to an emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. But before you get there, what do you do?

The Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) in Los Angeles is a 24-hour top-notch emergency vet clinic. We offer every service for your pet in order to treat the emergency and get your pet back on the road to health and wellness. We see every type of pet, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles. We offer compassionate care for your pet when they need it the most. Below, we’ll go over steps to take if your dog or cat is hit by a car. Contact us today!


When your furry friend is sick, you can have a lot of questions. The first being when to take them in. Because our pets cannot speak, they cannot always tell us what is wrong or what hurts. Due to the fact that they have to suffer in silence, it can be more than most owners can take. It is important to notice the signs of a vet emergency. In this blog, will tell you the signs you should look for in your pet. If they exhibit any of these symptoms, it is important to transport them to your nearest animal hospital.


We recently took a look at some of the ways you can keep your cat healthy, but today, we’re focusing on the canines in our lives. Dogs are wonderful, ever-loyal, and loving companions. They give us their devotion and ask for very little in return. If you want to provide a happy and healthy life for the Fido in your life, keep these tips in mind. To ensure your furry friend is doing well, give Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital a call today. We’re proud to take care of the pets of Beverly Hills.


Heartworms are one of the most important things every pet owner needs to be on the lookout for. However, in order to know when your pet has a heartworm issue, it’s important to understand where they come from and what their symptoms are. With that in mind, we’re going to dig into what heartworms are, what symptoms they cause, and how to treat them. If you think your pet might have heartworms, bring them to Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital here in Beverly Hills. We’ll get your furry friend back to good health.


With their fierce independence, it’s easy to think that cats are totally self-sufficient. Though they do take care of themselves in many ways, as their pet parent, it’s important you help them with the things they can’t do on their own. With that in mind, we’ve gathered five tips to help keep your cat healthy and happy for many years to come. Cats and dogs alike need a veterinarian that will treat them well. If you’re in the Beverly Hills area and you’re looking for a vet you can trust with your furry friend, call us at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital.


When something happens to one of our furry cohorts, it can be very scary. Because of this, it’s easy to react irrationally, which can add stress to an already tense situation. With that in mind, we have some advice for what you should do in the unfortunate event your pet needs emergency help. For your emergency vet needs here in Beverly Hills, come to Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital. We want to help your little rascal feel better!


So you got yourself a dog. First of all, congratulations! Owning a dog is one of the most fun and beneficial things you can do for your health. There are some important things you need to do to ensure your new four-legged friend is happy and healthy for years to come. And if you’re looking for the best veterinary services in Beverly Hills, look no further than Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital.


From rubber duckies to sewing needles to shish kebab skewers, we’re constantly surprised by what pets decide they want to eat or call a delicious treat. And while we’re sure that you’d rather avoid a trip to the local emergency vet, when your pet gets ahold of something their not supposed to, it’s important that you do.

In some cases, you may have seen your beloved pet consume something like a rock or a child’s toy, but you were unable to stop them from swallowing it whole. In other cases, your pet may become ill will lethargy, vomiting, no appetite, or other worrisome signs that prompt you to bring your pet in quickly. Ingesting inappropriate substances or having an obstructed bowel is all too common, but we’re here to help when you need us most at Metropolitain Animal Specialty Hospital in LA. The following are just a few household objects that are commonly consumed by some of our most beloved pets.


No pet owner wants to put their animal through undue stress and pain that can be caused by surgery, however, there are many common situations where surgery is a necessary process in order to save your pet’s life and give them the best possible quality of life moving forward. That’s why specialty animal hospitals like ours exist, in order to help our animal patients that are in need. At Metropolitan Animal Speciality Hospital in Los Angeles, we know how important the life saving procedures are that we provide for your furry friend. Here are some of the most common surgeries that we perform on small animals, like cats and dogs.