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Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital

Oh The Things Your Animals Will Eat

A cat sitting outside on a path

In some cases, you may have seen your beloved pet consume something like a rock or a child’s toy, but you were unable to stop them from swallowing it whole. In other cases, your pet may become ill will lethargy, vomiting, no appetite, or other worrisome signs that prompt you to bring your pet in quickly. Ingesting inappropriate substances or having an obstructed bowel is all too common, but we’re here to help when you need us most at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital in LA. The following are just a few household objects that are commonly consumed by some of our most beloved pets.


Rocks are probably one of the worst culprits for obstructed bowels in dogs, but dogs aren’t the only ones that will consume rocks they shouldn’t. Reptiles and amphibians have also been known to do the same. Whether your dog is looking for a chew toy or decides that it’s okay to gulp down a surprisingly tasty rock, more often than not, the offending stone will have to be surgically removed for the safety of the animal.


There is something about coins that will have just about any pet thinking they’re a great treat. It could be the oil on them or the metallic taste, but dogs, cats, reptiles, and amphibians have all been known to consume coins. If caught early on, induced regurgitation or endoscopic removal may be possible. For just a few coins, it may also be possible to let the coins pass through the animal’s system. But for a bunch, your pet is probably going to need surgery.

Kid’s Toys

Not only do your children love to play with their toys and stick them in their own mouths, but your pets probably enjoy doing just the same. More than one child’s toy has made it into the belly of the cherished family pet, and honestly, there probably wasn’t much you could do to stop it. But you can make sure your pet gets the best care when they need it.