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What Have You Been Feeding Your Pup?

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All animals are delicate creatures, but when it comes to your dog’s food you need to treat their diet cautiously. We know everyone may give their pup a treat from the table now and then, but are you paying attention to what’s in the food you’re feeding your pup? There are many harmful dog foods and substances that can be very toxic to your animal.

Want to know if you’re treating your animal’s food supply correctly? Read more below!

What foods are toxic for your animal to consume?


All dog owners probably know that chocolate is extremely toxic for any animal to consume, but particularly for dogs. With substances like methylxanthines and theobromine, any amount of chocolate, big or small, can seriously harm your dog. Whether your dog is small, medium, or large in size, chocolate affects any dog that devours these harmful substances. Small amounts can result in immediate diarrhea and vomiting, while larger amounts can cause an irregular heart rate, seizures, and can even lead to death. If you are having a chocolate craving, just be sure to keep up and away from the paws of your pup.


We know; avocado?! This may be shocking since avocados seem like a healthy and harmless food item, but they contain toxic substances dogs aren’t able to consume. Avocados can produce their own fungicide, known as persin. This is a very unique property of avocados, but this substance they can produce is a severe allergen for dogs. Consuming any amount of this residue can lead to serious health complications, which can then turn to your animal’s death. If you love avocados or have your own avocado tree, keep them contained in a secure area so your dog can remain safe and healthy.


Yes, bones! Dogs and bones are always associated with one another, but surprisingly, they are very toxic for your animal to gnaw and nibble on. Bones are a very serious hazard for your animal and your pup should be closely watched if they get hold of one. Why can bones be a complication for your animal? Bones tend to break off and splinter with the frequent chewing and grinding dogs’ teeth can inflict. These shards and splinters can result in a punctured digestive tract as well as leading to a penetrated throat. Instead of giving your dog a cooked bone, try some of the safer alternatives like raw bones are edible bone treats.

Need help or want to learn more?

Want to learn more about the foods that can be harmful to your pup if consumed? You can call or contact Metropolitan Animal Hospital in Los Angeles to find out if you are following the right diet for your animal!

Has your animal consumed one of these toxic animal substances and now experiencing health complications? Call a professional at our Metropolitan Animal Hospital. Our professional vets will be able to diagnose the severity of the situation and if your dog needs to be treated immediately.