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What to Do if Your Dog or Cat is Hit by a Car

A dog with a cast and cone

Possibly one of the scariest moments in your life is when your dog or cat is hit by a car. Whether you see it or not, it’s imperative that you get your pet to an emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. But before you get there, what do you do?

The Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) in Los Angeles is a 24-hour top-notch emergency vet clinic. We offer every service for your pet in order to treat the emergency and get your pet back on the road to health and wellness. We see every type of pet, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles. We offer compassionate care for your pet when they need it the most. Below, we’ll go over steps to take if your dog or cat is hit by a car. Contact us today!


Don’t Panic

Although you are probably frantic if your best friend just got hit by a car, it’s important that you remain calm throughout this ordeal for the sake of your pet. The first thing you must do is get your pet out of the roadway safely, meaning do not put yourself in danger to rescue your pet (this means do not run willy-nilly into the road!). Make sure that traffic has stopped before rescuing your pet.

Be Aware Your Pet is Probably in Pain

Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) in Los Angeles notes that when pets are injured, they are scared and may exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors, such as biting or aggression. We recommend you try to put some sort of barrier between your pet’s mouth and you. However, we also understand that this may not be possible in an emergency situation. Just be very careful when retrieving your cat or dog out of the roadway.

Move With Care

You have no idea of the extent of your pet’s internal injuries. Thus, it’s imperative that you try to move your pet as little as possible. Common injuries we see from car collisions with pets include broken legs and ribs, as well as internal bleeding and brain trauma. If you have a blanket, try to use that to carry your pet to your car, and be especially careful with the head, neck, and spine.

Call Your Emergency Vet Clinic to Let Them Know You Are Coming

Your next task is obeying the rules of the road and getting your pet to a top-notch emergency vet clinic, such as Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) in Los Angeles, as soon as possible so that your pet can begin to receive critical care. It’s a good idea to call ahead if it’s safe to do so (you can have your passenger do this as well) to let them know you are coming with an injured animal. They will ask you questions about the extent of your pet’s injuries, and you’ll want to give them as much information as possible in order to eliminate this step once you arrive. This way, the experienced and knowledgeable vet team can be prepared for your pet before you arrive, further increasing your pet’s chance of survival.


By staying calm and getting your pet the emergency care it needs, you will give them the best chance possible to survive a car collision. Call MASH today!